Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court, Fifteenth Judicial District

Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court, Fifteenth Judicial District

The Court Service Unit is the service arm of the juvenile and domestic relations court. It is a state agency responsible for intake services, investigations, probation and parole, referral to family counseling, and delinquency prevention. The office is located at 601 Caroline Street, Suite 400 in Fredericksburg (372-1068).


    1. The intern will spend from twelve to twenty-four hours per week working under the supervision of the Court Casework Supervisor. Specific duties to be performed under the supervision of a probation counselor will include:

a. Conducting and writing up investigations.
b. Providing counseling, supervision and placement services to clients and their families.
c. Maintaining regular contact and working relationships with area schools and other referral agencies.
d. Maintaining case records according to Court Service Unit standards and policy.
e. Other duties and opportunities agreed upon.

  1. The intern will keep an activity log.
  2. The intern will have weekly contact with the faculty advisor.
  3. The intern will write a formal paper on a topic approved by the faculty advisor in consultation with the agency contact.


  • Twelve hours in Psychology beyond 101, 102.
  • Any human resources background in psychology or sociology
  • An interest in working with children and adolescents.
  • Developmental Psychology 332 (Adolescent and Adult).
  • At least one of the following:
    • Abnormal Psychology 311
    • Clinical Psychology 315
    • Exceptional Child 320
    • Infant and Child 331.

The following are recommended:

  • - Social Psychology 310
  • - Personality 342
  • - Sociology 351 – Juvenile Delinquency.
  • A statement by the prospective intern indicating why he or she is interested in this internship, and what he or she would hope to gain from it.
  • Approval of both contacts.

Credits: 3-6


  • Depending upon the hours worked and the requirements of the paper, the intern will receive from 3 to 6 credit hours.
  • The awarding of credit is dependent upon the intern’s fulfilling of her obligations to both the agency and campus contact.

The course grade will be determined by the intern’s performance at the agency (based on the faculty contact’s observation and the evaluation of the agency contact), by her performance during the weekly meetings with the faculty contact, and by her performance on the written paper.

Agency Contact

Carolynn Nesmith
(540) 372-1068