Political Science and International Affairs 

Newsletter – Spring 2016

Pi Sigma Alpha Induction

The UMW  chapter of Pi Sigma  Alpha (PSA),  the  Political  Science  and  International  Affairs scholastic honorary society, will induct new and returning members on Wednesday,  13 April, at

4pm  in Lee 411.   A reception  will follow  the ceremony.  Juniors  and  seniors  are  eligible  for induction  if they have a grade point average  of at  least  3.0  overall, and a 3.2 in  upper  level courses (with at least 12 credit hours in upper level political science courses).

Additional Seminars in Political Science, Fall 2016

PSCI 471 – US Constitutional Reform PSCI 471 – US Civil Military Relations PSCI 471 -Weapons of Mass Destruction PSCI 471 – Gender and Development

Additional Related Field Courses in International  Affairs, Fall 2016

ECON 485 – Economics of Multinational Corporations

ECON 488 – Economics of Emerging Markets

GEOG 490 -Policing the Planet

HIST 300 – British History

HIST 300 -Small Wars

HIST 300- From Mongols to Ottomans

RELG 231 – Sufism

RELG 231 – Islam and the West

PSCI 471 – US Civil Military Relations PSCI 471 – Weapons of Mass Destruction PSCI 471 -Gender and Development

Undergraduate  Research Funds

Thinking of completing an independent study project next year?    The University has undergraduate  research funds available for this purpose.   These funds can be utilized  for any research related activities associated with the independent study project, including travel, material s acquisition, and photo-copying.

Departmental majors have effectively utilized these funds in recent years in exciting and academically  challenging  ways.

  • Girard Bucello  was  awarded  research funds in pursuit of his Senior Honors Thesis,     supervised      by     Professor Kramer,   “The  Evolution  of  the European Security Community: A Case Study of the Political Relationship Between   the  Baltic  States  and  Euro­ Atlantic  Security  Institutions.”  In Fall 2015,  Girard  to  conducted  interviewswith  designated   officials  and  analysts in Estonia, especially at the Estonian Defense  College  in Tallinn.  In Spring 2016 he conducted respective interviews in Brussels, Belgium, especially at NATO Headquarters and associated think tanks.
  • Alex  Obolensky and Emily Lowrie received  grants to do an analytics project predicting  propensity  to donate money to political candidates.

Undergraduate Research Projects (URES) Students undertake URES projects  to  assist professors in their research. This year, Professor Rob Barr worked with two URES students,    Cait Cobb and Marina Castro­ Meirelles, to explore  the political dynamics of proposed parks, both past and present.

Departmental Majors News

Girard Bucello, IA major and President, UMW Pi    Sigma    Alpha,    presented    his    honors thesis, “Trouble    with    the   Neighbors:    The Baltic States’ Perspective  on Security after the Annexation  of Crimea,” at the 2016 Pi Sigma Alpha National Student Conference, m Washington, D.C.

Study Abroad

Lingnan University

UMW  has  an  academic  exchange  with Lingnan  University  in  Hong  Kong. Information about Lingnan University can be found at its home page: Information  about  the  exchange  program  can be found at  index.

For more information,  see the Center for International Education in Lee Hall, Rm 435.

Faculty Activities

Professor John M. Kramer

Jack Kramer,  presented  his paper  “The Quest for Energy Security in Central and Eastern Europe,”  at  the  Annual  Meeting  of  the American  Slavic  Association,  November  17-19, 2015, Philadelphia, Pa.

Professor Elizabeth F. Larus

Elizabeth F. Larus, Professor, was awarded a Taiwan Fellowship in spring 2015 to conduct research  in China and  Taiwan. She  presented her  findings  in  lectures  at  universities throughout   Taiwan   and   to   its   Ministry   of Foreign Affairs. She published her analytical essay “Relations  with Taiwan  After  the Nine­ in-One    Elections,”   in   China   Analysis,   a publication    of   the   European    Council    on Foreign Relations.

Dr. Larus presented  versions  of her paper “US Rebalance to Asia and China-US-Taiwan Relations,” at the AAS-in-Asia  conference  in Taipei   in  June  2015   and  at  the  American Political Science Association meeting in San Francisco in September  2015. In fall 2015, she participated in workshops on Taiwan’s 2016 presidential   and  legislative   elections   at  the Office of Director of National Intelligence and to  the  Office   of  the  Secretary   of  Defense (Policy) at CNA China Studies Division. Professor Larus presented her paper “Alliances and Sea Power in the Asia-Pacific at the World Society Foundation conference in Tucson in spring 2016.

Her    article   “China   Assesses    the   US Rebalance  to Asia: Implications  for US-China Relations,” is forthcoming  in TEKA Komisji Politologii i Stosunk6w Mif!dzynarodowych Oddzial PAN w Lublinie [Commission of Political Science and International Affairs].

Stephen J. Farnsworth

Stephen Farnsworth, professor of political science and director of the university’s Center for  Leadership and Media Studies, is the author of two research  articles, “Virginia Voters  and  Decentralized Governmental Power: Federal Frustration and State Satisfaction,” published  in the Virginia Social Science Journal, and “Spinner-in-chief: How presidents shape the news,”   published in Limes, the Italian Journal of Geopolitics. Dr. Farnsworth also presented two research papers on the US presidency at political science conferences  and  published  two  opnion columns on Virginia politics in “The Fix” blog of the Washington Post.  He also was   co­-author,  with Ellen O’Brien, a senior  political science  major,  of a column  published in the Richmond Times-Dispatch regarding the utility of having police officers use body cameras.

Professor Jason W. Davidson

Professor  Davidson’s article (co-authored  with the University  of Genoa’s  Fabrizio  Coticchia) “The  Limits  of  Radical  Parties  in  Coalition Foreign   Policy:   Italy,   Hijacking,   and   the Extremity  Hypothesis”  is  forthcoming  in the peer-reviewed journal, Foreign Policy Analysis. Professor Davidson recently presented on a three person expert panel at the University  of  Indiana’s  Center  on  American and Global Security on “The New Cold War?” Professor Davidson will present the papers “Even Unipoles Need Friends: Power, Threat,  and  the  Purpose   of  Alliances”  and (with the University of Genoa’s Fabrizio Coticchia) “Explaining Renzi’s Foreign Policy: The International Effects of Domestic Politics” at  the  International  Studies  Association’s annual conference  in Atlanta,  Georgia, March 17-20, 2016.

Professor Rosalyn Cooperman

Rosalyn  Cooperman, Associate Professor of Political Science,  is serving as co-Principal Investigator for the 2016 Convention Delegate Study, a survey of delegates to the Democratic and   Republican   national   conventions,   with Gregory   Shufeldt,   University   of   Alabama, Little Rock, and Kimberly Conger, University of Cincinnati. Cooperman and Shufeldt delivered a paper, “Group Commitment among Republican  Factions: A Perspective from National Convention Delegates,” at the  2016 Annual Meeting of the Southern Political Science Association in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

“Teaching Race and Revolution: Doing Justice  to Women’s Roles  in the Struggle  for Civil  Rights,”  co-authored   with  UMW Professors  Melina  Patterson  and Jess Rigelhaupt,  will appear  in the July 2016 issue of P.S. Political Science.  The article, which describes the importance of teaching about the Civil  Rights Movement  with an emphasis  on the often  overlooked  contributions  of women as political  actors  in the Movement,  is based on  the   experience   of   teaching   the   UMW FSEM, Race and Revolution.

Professor Cooperman and UMW Political Science   alumna,   Sandra   Sanchez, Development    Specialist    for    the    National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health, will deliver   a  paper, Testing   the  Undue  Burden Standard: The  Effect  of “Women’s Health” Abortion Restrictions in Virginia and North Dakota,” at the 2016 meeting of the Virginia Social Science Association.

Dr. Cooperman  writes regularly about the 2016 US presidential elections and is a contributor to U.S. News and World Report’s Debate Club and Presidential Gender Watch.

Professor Robert Barr

Professor   Barr  continues   to  make  progress with his book manuscript, The Third Era of Populism  in Latin America: Anger and Opportunity.  Lynne  Rienner  Publishers offered  a preliminary  contract  and  asked external  reviewers  to  comment  on  the manuscript.  Currently,  Dr. Barr is responding to their requests for modest revisions.  He also started a new research project investigating the politics of national parks.

Professor Ranjit Singh

Ranjit Singh, Associate Professor, organized a five-member panel titled “Social Media and Pedagogy of the Middle East” for the 2014 annual conference of the Middle East Studies Association  (MESA) in Washington,  DC. For this  panel,  he  presented  a  paper  titled “Teaching Social Media and Middle East Politics.” Professor  Singh’s article “The  Lyrics Don’t  Matter:  Addressing  Language  Barriers and Social  Media in the Middle  East Studies Classroom” subsequently appeared in Issues in Middle East Studies (April2015). 

In February-March 2015, Professor  Singh served  as the external evaluator for the National  Democratic  Institute’s  two-year-long “Promoting the Effective Participation of Political Parties and Political Coalitions” program in Afghanistan. He designed the evaluation  methodology and conducted  37 in­-country  interviews to  produce  the  program’s  comprehensive   final   report.   In addition to service  as  a  manuscript  referee  for  the  UK -based Journal  of  Global  Analysis, Professor Singh serves on the Board of Directors  of the Northern  Virginia Conservation  Trust, a non­-profit land conservation organization.

Professor Emile Lester

Emile Lester is currently working on his book on liberal political thought and “The Presidencies of Franklin Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy” to be published by University of Michigan Press. His chapter, “Is Democracy for Religion in Public Schools Possible?” will be published this year in the Oxford University Handbook on Religion and Public Education.

His chapter, “Religion and Education in the United States” will appear in Religion and Nationhood: Insider and outsider perspectives on Religion Education in England (Mohr Siebeck, 2016). He will present two papers at the Midwestern Political Science Association Annual Conference in April 2016 entitled “The Two New Deals of Franklin Roosevelt,” and “The Fragility of John F. Kennedy’s Liberalism.”

Professor Surupa Gupta

Surupa Gupta, Associate Professor, was on sabbatical  leave from teaching  in 2015-2016. She is spending her sabbatical conducting research in Washington, DC and in India.

Professor Chad Murphy

Chad Murphy, Assistant Professor, wrote two book reviews published in the Journal of Politics, presented a paper on GOTV at the Analyst Institute in August 2015, and will present a paper at the Virginia Humanities Conference in April 2016.

Student News

Girard Bucello Presents Honors Research at National Conference

University of Mary Washington senior Girard Bucello is doing an honors project with the Department of Political Science and International Affairs this semester on Eastern European politics (under the direction of Professor Jack Kramer). He presented his research on Feb. 13 at the Pi Sigma Alpha National Undergraduate Research Conference in Washington, DC.  He is the only student from UMW selected for this conference this year. His paper is titled “Trouble with the Neighbors: The Baltic States’ Perspective on Security after the Annexation of Crimea.”

Girard is one of only about 100 students selected to present his research at the conference, sponsored by the national political science honor society.

Student Internships

Joe Dolan is interning this semester with Virginia Del. Mark Keam (D-Fairfax)

James Sink interned last semester with the re-election campaign of Virginia Sen. Bryce Reeves (R-Spotsylvania).

Caitlin Turner-Lafving interned for Congressman Elijah Cummings

Marlaina Astorino interned for Sen. Bryce Reeves

Shayna Buchin interned for Autism Speaks

John Karellas interned for Virginia Sen. Bryce Reeves in Fall ’15 and Autism Speaks in Spring ’16

Christian Hughes interned for Obsidian Solutions Group

Stuart Penninger interned for Sen. Richard Stuart

Alumni Notes

Governor Appoints Erik Johnston as Deputy Policy Director

Erik Johnston ’03 has been named deputy policy director for the governor. Erik was a double major in political science and international affairs at UMW, where he won the Colgate Darden Award as the highest-ranked graduate in 2003. Erik Johnston was also a national runner-up in the Pi Sigma Alpha Honor Society Best Undergraduate Course Paper competition during his time at UMW. He is one of nine Mary Washington political science students recognized for outstanding writing and research in that national contest — more than any other university in the nation. He has been working as director of government affairs for the Virginia Association of Counties in Richmond. In addition to his UMW degrees, Erik also holds a Master’s of Public Administration from Virginia Tech.

Rose Likens, International Affairs 1980, and former Ambassador to El Salvador and former Director of the US Foreign Service Institute, is Ambassador to Peru

Zachary Wineburg is pursuing a master’s at the Kennedy School, Harvard University

Justin Simeone is enrolled at Georgetown University Law Center and is a Ph.D. candidate at Princeton University

Brian Dempsey is enrolled in the Ph.D. program with full funding at Northwestern University

Beth Kendall is a student at University of Richmond law school.

Ally Blanc attends law school in Massachusetts.

Monique DeZarn attends the London School of Economics

Christopher Williams, is Adjunct Professor of Political Science at the University of North Texas

Theophe Love in enrolled in the Law School at the University of Virginia

Chapin Fausel attends the University of Kentucky law school

Michael Littlejohn attends the Charlotte School of Law

Chris Blough is enrolled in the Master’s Program at USC in Public Planning

Sarah Payne is enrolled in the John Marshall Law School

Erin Perugini is pursuing a graduate degree at American University

Marija Ozolins is a student at Boston College Law School

Kate Johnson was promoted to Senior Policy Coordinator at Autism Speaks

Andrew Lowndon is enrolled at Duke Law School

Anna Boning is attending the Charleston (SC) School of Law.

Sandra Sanchez is going to graduate school at GMU to get a Master’s in Political Science and is working for the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health

Sacha Brenac is an intel analyst with Cydecor, a Defense Contractor

Christian Perkins is an analyst at Cydecor

Nicole Tardif is working in the Washington office of US Rep. Barbara Comstock (R-Fairfax)

Ben Hermerding is working in the office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth in Richmond

Patrick Reynolds has been working on the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign.

Benjamin Harris has been working on the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign.

Mark Finney is assistant professor of mass communication at Emory & Henry College.

Zach Wineburg is working in the Washington office of Google.

Tom Allison is the research director of Young Invincibles, a political research group focusing on issues of particular importance to young adults.

Sam Azzarelli was hired as a Legislative Aide to Sen. Bryce Reeves

Mariah Young was hired to do communications for the AFL-CIO

Lauren Castellano was hired by GOPAC and then promoted to Events Coordinator

Ashley Nixon was hired to be the Legislative Aide for Sen. David Suetterlein

Meghan Hobbs is Special Assistant to the Secretary of Agriculture and Forestry at Office of Governor Terrence R. McAuliff

Thomas Bowman is working State Senator Surovel

Nick DeSarno is Manager, Grassroots and Advocacy, ADPAC at American Dental Association

Kelley Hudak is the Director of  Conservative Coalitions and State Outreach for the Republican Study Committee

Leah Kieff is Community and Organizational Development Consultant at Peace Corps

Stacy Whitehouse is Scheduler and Officer Manager for Rep. Rob Wittman (VA-01) at U.S. House of Representatives

Aisstata Traore is Grants Manager at Rwanda Ventures

Hanna Molofsky is Special Events Coordinator at Smithsonian Institution, National Postal Museum

Kate Miceli is a Fellow at Wendy Davis Campaign

Alex Olah is Government Affairs Assistant at The Keelen Group, LLC

Sarah Alvarez is program assistant with Social Impact, an international development consulting firm in Arlington, VA

Michele Alexander is Administrative Coordinator for Strategic Development and Communications, Management Sciences for Health

Kelsey Coates is a Social Enterprise Fellow at Gray Matters Capital

Aida Dedajic is Administrative Assistant for the General Federation of Women’s Clubs

Brian DeMott is a law clerk with the Delaware Office of the Public Defender

Prarthana Gurung is Executive Assistant at Adhikaar for Human Rights and Social Justice

Nicole Halloran is Assistant Professor of Italian at George Mason University

Megan McCrum is Legislative Assistant and Academy Program Director at National Right to Life Committee

Samantha Miller is an Account Executive with Banana Boat/Hawaiian Tropic/Wet Ones – Grey Group

Joe Oschrin is a paralegal at Kasowitz, Benson, Torres & Friedman, LLP

Jacklyn Rose is P.E. Teacher and Assistant Athletic Director, Tandem Friends School

Laura Zamperini is Foreign Operations Specialist, Department of Justice

Nadine Zaatar works for the US State Department

Alex Olah works in Congressman Mike McIntyre’s office

Annie Morris was promoted to Special Assistant for Legislative Affairs and Policy Development at Gov. McDonnell’s office

Brianna Gavigan is doing a fellowship with the Greater New Haven Community Loan Fund

Molly McCarthy works for Price Waterhouse Cooper

Kelley Hudak is working for CRC Public Relations

Sophie Barber was a field coordinator for Romney’s campaign and is the Deputy Political Director for Rob Bell’s VA Attorney General Campaign

Kasey Nabal served as a session aide for Bryce Reeves

KJ Adler completed her stint with the Peace Corps in Mali

Jennifer Taylor Boussuge is Senior Vice President and Managing Director of Global Treasury Sales at Bank of America in London

Heidi Meredith and Megan Linn work for the FBI

Kendall Carty is working for Governor Robert F. McDonell in the Department of Education

Carrie Mitchell is working for the Department of Defense

Kelley Hudak works for CRC Public Relations Firm

Leah Kieff is working as an associate at Guggenheim Securities, LLC

Nick Jacobs is attending Governor’s School in Stafford

Ashley Nixon works in the office of VA State Senator Bryce Reeves

Bobby Durrette is Founder of D&D Brewery, Lodge and Restaurant

Tatiana Faramarzi is Client Communications Coordinator for La Ceiba Microfinance Institution

Krystal Jackson is a HR/Recruiting Coordinator at PATH

Bethany Nelson is a Visa Clerk at CGI Federal

Jay Sinha is an Associate Attorney with LeClairRyan

Catherine Stewart is a MBA/MPP Student at Fuqua School of Business

Kristen Tymeson is a Policy Advisor at the Department of State for Secretary’s Office of Global Women’s Issues

Julie Viragh is a Campaign Scheduler/Fundraising Coordinator for Donner for Senate

Elizabeth Weaver is a Development Assistant for Flatirons Habitat for Humanity

Kate Lulfs Ehrle is Director of Business Development at Cask LLC.

Richard Ehrle is a senior counter-intelligence specialist with the US Navy.

Stephen Premo is the Director of University of Minnesota Housing Clinic at the University of Minnesota Law School.

Kristin Howe is an analyst (Homeland Security, Justice, and Public Safety) at Deltek.

Jessica Wells is the Director of Membership Programs at the Naval Postgraduate School Foundation

James Schroll is a Deputy Clerk at the Arlington Circuit Court

Anne Kringen is a Doctoral Research Assistant at Texas State University

Kenneth Scheiber is a Teacher at St. Mary’s-Ryken High School

Sarah B. Smith is a Regional Development Officer (Central Region) at American’s for Prosperity

Sydney McClure is a Senior Consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton

Emily Cavan Lynch is an Intersectional Field Communications Officer for Doctors Without Borders

Chris Winslow is an Adjunct Professor at the University of Mary Washington

Andrew Wright is a Legislative Assistant for Senator Phillip Puckett

Katie Leesman is an Attorney for Van Ness Feldman

Sarah Campbell is a Project Manager at TASC

Madina Ahmadzai is a Marketing Assistant at Quality Matters

Erin Albright is an Anti-Trafficking Coordinator for the International Institute of New England

Michelle Alexander is a Fulbright Fellow with the Fulbright Program in Ukraine

Tom Allison is a Special Projects Coordinator for Media Matters for America

Allessandra Askins is a Project coordinator at True Communications, Inc.

Jennifer Bell is a Senior Association Coordinator at SmithBucklin

Michael Behrens is an Associate Investigator at USIS

Alison Berry is a Manager of State and Local Government Affairs for the National Apartment Association

Miklos Bodnar is a Research Analyst at DARPA

Valerie Bradley is Director of Special Projects at Earthcare Technologies, Inc.

Director of Special Projects at Earthcare Technologies, Inc.

Director of Special Projects at Earthcare Technologies, Inc.

Director of Special Projects at Earthcare Technologies, Inc.

Director of Special Projects at Earthcare Technologies, Inc.

Bradd Buckingham is a Senior Market Research Analyst at Lockheed Martin Logistics and Sustainment

Alena Callaghan is a Web Marketing Manager at Appian Corporation

Kate Carlucci is a Governmental Affairs Coordinator – Iowa League of Cities

Brian Cooney is a Senior Consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton

Victoria Cooney is a Consultant at ATIC

Matthew Coulter is a Corporate Accounts Manager at Pennsylvania Lottery

Lauren Decot is Compliance Associate for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee

Brady Deremer is an Associate at Booz Allen Hamilton

Matt Desjardins is a Fellow (Executive Office of the Mayor, Office of the Chief of Staff) at the Government of the District of Columbia

Chelsea Devening is a Senior Consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton

Monique DeZarn is a Case Assistant at Kirkland and Ellis LLP

Kevin Diana is an Acquisition Team Lead at MRAP Cougar

Chris Dimotsis is a Loan Offier, Portfolio and Asset Management at NCB Capital Impact

Elspeth England is a Law Clerk for the Circuit Court of Alexandria, VA

Pari Farmani is an IWP Consultant at Legal Momentum

Meredith Flynn is a Client Service Representative for MTV Networks

Alissa Genovese is a Program Operations Specialist for the U.S. Department of Justice

Therese Giambona is an Internal Auditor at Western Union

Kathryn Schubert Godburn is theVice President at CRD Associates

Melissa Gonzalez is a Consultant and Program Assistant at Inter-American Development Bank

Stephen Gregg is a Legal Extern at Fox Television

Shaw Gremminger is the Assistant Vice President for Legislative Affairs for the National Association of Public Hospitals and Health Systems

Michael Hagan Regulatory Paralegal for Strayer University

Kelly Heroman Vincent is the Chief of Staff for AKPD Message and Media

Kevin Hickerson is a Special Education Teacher for Fairfax County Public Schools

Kathryn Hohman-Billmeier is a PhD Researcher for The School of Oriental and African Studies

Ryan Jacobson is a Manager, Data Informatics for Armada Health Care

Susan Jerdonek is an Associate, Development for U.S. Green Building Council

Kory Jessen is a Security Analyst for the Verizon Business

Mikaela Jordan is an Underwriting Trainee at Chubb

Ryan Kailath is an Information Architect for the Freelancers Union

Andrea Keefer is a Budget and Policy Specialist for the Department of Planning and Budget

Kate Kelley is a Public Relations Associate for American Psychological Association

Peter Kelley is a Researcher for Portland Communications

Kira Lanewala, Assistant Manager, Rappahannock Area United Services Board

David Lindsay is an Analyst for Blue Collar Objects

Kathy Loden is a Director of Legislative Operations, Committee on Natural Resources for the U.S. House of Representatives

Kevin Loden is an Associate at Venable LLP

Sarah Lowden Student at New England Law (Boston)

Danielle Mackey is a Freelance Journalist for Periodista Independiente

James Martin is a Division Officer, USS Benfold (DDG 65) for the U.S. Navy

Jenelle Masterson is a Systems Assurance Lead at SAIC

John Messinger is an Attorney for Lehrman Beverage Law, PLLC

Dave Moore is a Consultant at IBG

Amanda Mulhern is a Law Clerk for Harrington Law Offices

Jaenette Murphy is a Transportation Security Specialist, International Operations, Office of Global Strategies for TSA

Michael Nissim-Sabat is a Second Year Student at West Virginia University of College Law

Thomas Openchowski is a Program Assistant at LiveHealthier

Bennet Opitz is a Specialist for the Army National Guard

Brendan Orsinger is a Business Development Analyst for New Breed Logistics

Sean O’Brien is an IT Project Coordinator at the University of Mary Washington

Andrew Painter is an Associate for Walsh Colucci Lubeley Emrich and Walsh, PC

Jessica Paquette is a Legislative Correspondent for the U.S. House of Represenatatives

Raphael Pascale is an Intern for the IMANI Multiculturing Center

Sarah Payne is a Judicial Extern, The Honorable Timothy P. Murphy at the Circuit Court of Cook County

Frank Puleo is a Senior Consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton

Caitlin Quinn is a Contract Specialist for the Defense Logistics Agency

Brandon Robinson is a Projects Manager for the Propane Education and Research Council

Nicholas Ryan is an Assistant Director of Debate for Liberty University

Kaycee Stahl is a Research Program Manager for Penn State Applied Research Lab

Amina Shafi is a Senior Asylum Officer for the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

Sarah Simpson is a QA Manager, Business Analyst, and Software Tester at Armedia

Amy Smetana is an Intern for the Latin America Working Group

Andrew Smith is a Legal Assistant at St. John, Bowling, Lawrench and Quagliana, LLP

Jacqueline Snyder is a Meetings and Events Assistant for Associated Builders and Contractors

Stephanie Tait is a Communications Specialist for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

Elizabeth Terry Rose is a Curatorial Programs Assistant for Architecture, Design and Engineering at the Library of Congress

Milimo Thindwa is an Advocacy Intern for The Hunger Project

Annie Unger is a Member Support Specialist, Common Application Online – Hobsons

Megan Vaughan-Albert is a Senior Analyst with the Avascent Group

Mary Wagoner is a Special Projects Coordinator for the Arlington County Treasurer’s Office

Katie Webb is a President, Consultant of NC Media Diva

Caroline Wood is a Residency in Social Enterprise (RISE) Fellow at New Sector Alliance – AmeriCorp

Updated 3/28/2016