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Spring 2017

Rosalyn Cooperman awarded John M. Kramer Faculty Award

Rosalyn Cooperman, Associate Professor, received the first John M. Kramer Faculty Award at the 2017 annual Spring Awards ceremony. This award is an acknowledgement of Professor Cooperman’s dedication to students, service to the University, and contributions to academia.

Stephen Farnsworth awarded SCHEV Outstanding Faculty Award

Stephen J. Farnsworth, Professor of Political Science and Director of the Center for Leadership and Media Studies, has received the prestigious 2017 Virginia Outstanding Faculty Award by the State Council of Higher Education of Virginia (SCHEV).

Elizabeth Larus awarded Waple Professorship

Elizabeth Freund Larus, Professor of Political Science and International Affairs, was awarded a Waple Professorship to support her research on Taiwan-China relations.

Pi Sigma Alpha Induction

UMW’s Kappa Upsilon chapter of Pi Sigma Alpha will hold its annual induction ceremony for new and returning members on Wednesday, April 5 2017, in Lee 411 at 4pm. Following the induction ceremony, the Department will announce the Fitschen and Fickett departmental awards to the outstanding graduating seniors in Political Science and International Affairs, respectively.  Students eligible for membership in Pi Sigma Alpha have been contacted by Professor Cooperman.

Additional Seminars in Political Science, Fall 2017

PSCI 471A: Weapons of Mass Destruction

PSCI 471A2: American Political Thought

PSCI 471C3: Strategy and War

PSCI 471C9: Politics of Japan

Additional Related Field Courses in International Affairs, Fall 2017

ANTH371SS: World Economies

ECON488S: Migration Politics in a Globalizing World

GEOG490U: Policing the Planet

HIST300B2: Modern Japan

SPAN370: Caribbean Culture and Literature

PSCI 471A: Weapons of Mass Destruction

PSCI 471C3: Strategy and War

PSCI 471C9: Politics of Japan

Undergraduate Research

John Karellas completed two research projects with Professor Gupta titled “Trade, Investment and connectivity in South and Southeast Asia” and “Foreign Policy under Modi.” In addition, John is working on an individual study titled “Investor-State Dispute Settlement: the political challenges to constructing global rules.”

Tyler J. Bugbee received undergraduate research funds from the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences for his research on the Iraqi Revolt of 1920.

Christopher Crumplar received undergraduate research funds from the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences for his thesis “Counterinsurgency in the Malayan Emergency, 1948-1960.”

Caitriona Cobb is working on her Honors thesis titled “Teaching Religion and Cultural Literacy about today’s Middle East in U.S. Schools.”

Molly Miller and Kenyon Huber-Wilker are researching and cataloguing American alliances with Professor Davidson.

Zachary Truex completed an individual study titled “The United States and the Two-State Solution: Analysis for a Best Policy.”

Christine Turanchik completed an individual study titled “Readings on Cybersecurity”

Rob Wimberly completed an individual study titled “Readings on North Korea and East Asian Security” and is working on an Honors thesis titled “Responding to North Korea’s Nuclear Threat.”

Joskamery Tavarez is working on an individual study titled “Counterterrorism from Bush to Obama.”

Ryan Craig is working on an individual study titled “Nazy Germany’s Alliances.”

Tara Waters is working on an individual study titled “Understanding and Preventing Terrorist Attacks.”

Anna Pigeon is working on an individual study titled “The Politics of Womens Participation in the Workforce in Jordan.”

Emma Valinksi completed an individual study titled “Honesty and Trustworthiness of Presidential Candidates in the 2016 General Election.” Emma will be presenting this research at the Political Science Student Conference at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Rachel Jones and Aidan O’Dell are researching Republican women in the 115th Congress with Professor Cooperman.

Elliot Brooks is working with Professor Lester on his forthcoming book, The Liberal Presidency.

Eric Sunderberg completed an individual study titled “Operation Dixie: Race and Unions.”

Corey Bolyard is researching the role of China in former Soviet republics.

Molly Miller completed a research project on political dissent in Putin’s Russia.

Dmytro Tchaikovsky is researching Portuguese counterinsurgency in Angola.

Andrew Kwalwasser completed an individual study titled “Civil Religion in post-World War II Japan.”

Thinking of completing an independent study project next year?  The University has undergraduate research funds available for this purpose.  These funds can be utilized for any research related activities associated with the independent study project, including travel, materials acquisition, and photo-copying.

Departmental majors have effectively utilized these funds in recent years in exciting and academically challenging ways.

Departmental Majors News

Study Abroad

Lingnan University

UMW has an academic exchange with Lingnan University, a liberal arts university in in Hong Kong. See the Center for International Education in Lee Hall, Room 435, for information.

Northwest University, Xian, China

In March 2017, UMW established an academic exchange with Northwest University in Xian, mainland China. See the Center for International Education in Lee Hall, Rm 435, for information.

Faculty Activities

Professor John M. Kramer

Participant on a Round Table discussion on “Public Health Issues in Post-Communist Polities” sponsored by the Section on Demography and Public Health, American Association for Slavic and Eurasian Studies, November 2016, Washington, DC.

Professor Elizabeth F. Larus

Elizabeth F. Larus, Waple Professor of Political Science, travelled to Taiwan in December 2016 and April 2017 to conduct field research on cross-Strait relations under Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen. In June 2016, Professor Larus presented her paper

“Alliances and US Sea Power in the Asia-Pacific,” at the AAS-in-Asia conference in Kyoto, Japan. She also participated in a panel discussion on the South China Sea issue on Channel NewsAsia’s “Between the Lines” episode “Great Power Politics in the Asia Pacific,” in Osaka, Japan.

In October, she presented her paper “Taiwan’s Military Modernization and National Defense,” at the annual meeting of the American Association for Chinese Studies. In November, she presented her research paper “US Naval Diplomacy and Coalition Building in the Asia Pacific,” at the International Studies Association-Midwest conference in St. Louis. In December, she presented in Chinese her paper “Assessment of President Obama’s China Policy, with a focus on US rebalance to the Asia Pacific,” at the international conference US-China-Taiwan Relations in President Obama’s Second Term, in Taipei, Taiwan.

In February 2017, she presented her research on Taiwan’s foreign policy under President Tsai Ing-wen to the US Government. In April, she presented her paper, “Naval Diplomacy and US Seapower in the Asia-Pacific” at the WISC conference, Taipei, Taiwan.

Her article “China Assesses the US Rebalance to Asia: Implications for US-China Relations,” was published  in TEKA Komisji Politologii i Stosunków Międzynarodowych Oddział PAN w Lublinie [The Commission of Political Science and International Affairs].

Professor Stephen J. Farnsworth

Stephen Farnsworth, Professor of Political Science, is a co-author of the article, “Virginia’s 2013 Gubernatorial Race and Presidential Elections: A Comparison of News Coverage,” which was published in the August 2016 issue of The Virginia News Letter.

He also delivered three research papers at academic research conferences relating to Virginia politics, the mass media’s “fact-checking” of presidential campaigns, and late night humor programs relating to presidential campaigns. Dr. Farnsworth’s late night humor research was the subject of a co-authored column that appeared on the “Monkey Cage” blog of the Washington Post. See the post here!

Dr. Farnsworth was invited in October to Norway, where he delivered a series of lectures on the US presidential campaign and political communication at BI University in Oslo.

Professor Jason W. Davidson

Jason Davidson, Professor of Political Science, and his co-author (Fabrizio Coticchia) signed a contract with Lexington Books to write a book titled Italian Foreign Policy under Matteo Renzi: A Domestically-Focused Outsider and the World. Recently Dr. Davidson signed a contract with Georgetown University Press to write a book titled America Entangled: Explaining US Alliances, 1776 to the Present.

Dr. Davidson presented a paper titled “Entangled and Loving It: Power, Threat, and America’s 19th c. Defense Pacts” at the November 2016 conference of the International Security Studies conference at Notre Dame University. He presented a paper titled “America Entangled: Explaining US Alliances, 1776 to the Present” at the International Studies Association’s annual conference in Baltimore in February.

Professor Rosalyn Cooperman

Rosalyn Cooperman, Associate Professor of Political Science, is publishing the chapter  “A Run for Their Money: Republican Women’s Hard Road to Campaign Funding,” (with Melody Crowder-Meyer) in Shauna Shames and Malliga Och, eds., The Right Women: Republican Party Activists, Candidates, and Legislators.  Praeger Press.  Forthcoming Summer 2017.

Dr. Cooperman also published “Teaching Race and Revolution: Doing Justice to Women’s Roles in the Struggle for Civil Rights,” (with Melina Patterson and Jess Rigelhaupt). July 2016. P.S.: Political Science and Politics, 49(3).

A third manuscript, “Can’t Buy Them Love: How Donors Contribute to the Party Gap in Women’s Representation,” (with Melody Crowder-Meyer) has been invited to revise and resubmit with Journal of Politics.

Dr. Cooperman will again serve as a principal investigator for the 2016 Convention Delegate Study, a survey of party delegates to the 2016 Democratic and Republican nominating conventions.  During the 2016 presidential election campaign, Professor Cooperman was a regular contributor to Presidential Gender Watch, a project sponsored by the Center for American Women in Politics at Rutgers University, that examined the role of gender in the 2016 presidential and congressional elections.

Professor Robert Barr

Robert Barr, Associate Professor, will publish his book, The Resurgence of Populism in Latin America (Lynne Rienner), during the summer of 2017.  Also, Dr. Barr wrote a book chapter titled “Populist Political Strategies” for the Handbook on Global Populism (Routledge), edited by Carlos de la Torre.  Dr. Barr wrote piece for presentation at a conference in Austin, titled “The Impact of Plebiscitarian Leadership.”

Professor Ranjit Singh

Professor Singh, Associate Professor of Political Science, continues to serve on the Board of the non-profit Northern Virginia Conservation Trust (NVCT). In April 2016, the NVCT hosted the annual conference of the Virginia United Land Trusts in Fredericksburg. His new research project on private landowners’ attitudes towards land conservation in Stafford County was approved for sabbatical leave in spring 2018. In addition, Dr. Singh recently served as a manuscript referee for Political Science Quarterly, and in the last year has delivered several talks about Muslims in the US and Islamist politics in the Middle East.

Professor Emile Lester

Emile Lester, Associate Professor of Political Science, is currently working on his book on liberal political thought and the Presidencies of Franklin Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy to be published by University of Michigan Press. His chapter “Is Democracy for Religion in Public Schools Possible?” was published this year in the Oxford University Handbook on Religion and Public Education. His chapter “Religion and Education in the United States” was published in Religion and Nationhood: Insider and outsider perspectives on Religion Education in England (Mohr Siebeck, 2016). He will present his paper, “The Subversion of Cold War Masculinity in Arthur Schlesinger’s Political Thought” at this year’s Midwest Political Science Assocation’s Annual Conference.

Dr. Lester’s extended review of a controversial textbook, Mexican American Heritage intended for elective courses in Texas public schools was published by the Texas Freedom Network in summer 2016. The effort to remove the textbook was covered by various national media outlets, and resulted in the Texas Board of Education voting unanimously to oppose the text’s use in the state’s classrooms.

Professor Surupa Gupta

Surupa Gupta, Associate Professor of Political Science, authored the book chapter “India and the RCEP: Challenges and Opportunities of Opening Up the Farm/Food Sector,” published in Karen Stoll Farrell and Sumit Ganguly eds., Heading East: Security, Trade, and Environment Between India and Southeast Asia. She also co-authored (with Dr. J. P. Singh) a paper titled “Agriculture and its Discontents: Coalitional Politics at the WTO with Special Reference to India’s Food Security Interests,” published in International Negotiations.

During the past year, Dr. Gupta was invited to speak on India’s trade policy at the Delhi University and American University’s Washington College of Law. She was invited to write the discussion paper on trade and investment for a US State department-funded conference on Indo-Asia Connectivity for Shared Prosperity, held in Kolkata, India in December 2016. She recently participated in two roundtables on the role of BRICS and on Indian foreign economic policy at the International Studies Association annual conference in Baltimore in February 2017.

Dr. Gupta also organized a day-long workshop titled “South Asia in World Politics” at that conference. She is currently working on a publication on India’s trade policy under Modi and one on US-India relations and intellectual property rights. At UMW, Professor Gupta continues to organize a fall lecture series on globalization and development.

Professor Chad Murphy

Chad Murphy, Associate Professor of Political Science, has been using his Sabbatical to research the habitual voting with the Voter Participation Center. He will be presenting a paper on rhetorical differences between men and women members of Congress at the Virginia Social Science Association

Student News

IA major Corey Bolyard won an award for  authoring the Best Round Table Paper at the 2017 Naval Foreign Affairs Conference. The title of her paper was “Rising in the Storm: India’s Bid for Global Power in a Multipolar System During Development.”

Student Internships

John Lunde and Richard Okishii interned with State Sen. Bryce Reeves.

Andrew Slupek-had an internship with the American Consulate in Dubai

Fall 2016

Kristen Johnson – Stafford County Government

John Bownik – Democratic Party of Virginia

Spring 2017

Bryant Atkins – Ralph Northam for Governor

Matt Beatty – Bryce Reeves for Lt. Governor

Jack Kolb – Stafford County Schools

John Lunde – Bryce Reeves for Lt. Governor

Megan Marzzacco – Bryce Reeves for Lt. Governor

Stephanie Pennington – IST Research

Eric Sundberg – Office of U.S. Representative Hank Johnson (D, GA)

Angela Wren – Institute for Global Environmental Strategies

Alumni Notes

Girard Bucello-London School of Economics has accepted him into the MSc Program in EU Politics.

Caitriona Cobb was accepted into the Masters of International Affairs program with a concentration in Middle East Studies at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies.

Molly Miller was accepted in the William and Mary Masters of Public Policy program with a focus in International Development.

John Karellas was accepted into the Catholic University School of Law.

Jessica Queitzsch is an Analyst at the defense contractor OGS Systems International.

Amber Reeves is a Data Associate at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Jay Sinha is a Cyber Privacy Analyst at Booz Allen Hamilton.

Andrew Lowndon is in his third year at the Duke University School of Law and has accepted a clerkship with a Federal Judge.

Brianna Gavigan was accepted to the University of Connecticut for graduate school.

Ben Hermerding is a records manager in the Office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth in Richmond.

Nicole Tardif is now a staff assistant for U.S. Mike Gallagher, R-Wisconsin.

Emily Lowrie worked on a bill sponsored by Bryce Reeves that passed both houses of the VA legislature requiring postvention services to be available at universities to support students after a suicide.

Mariah Young is a Project Assistant at King and Spalding.

Sam Azzarelli is Communications Director for Bryce Reeves’s Lt. Governor campaign.

Thomas Allison is Deputy Policy & Research Director for the Young Invincibles, a research group focused on policy concerns of young adults.

Erik Johnston has been named Deputy Policy Director, Office of the Governor of Virginia.

Zach Wineburg works on political advertising at the Washington office of Google.

Lauren Castellano now the Events Manager at GOPAC.

Ola Szczesna is the Connecticut Manager at Families for Excellent Schools.

Christopher M. Winslow has been elected a Supervisor in Chesterfield County, Virginia.

Dr. Mark Finney is chair of the Mass Communications Department at Emory and Henry College.

Marty Molloy is director of YouthBuild, a nonprofit overseeing the development of vocational training partnerships in Philadelphia.

Zachary Wineburg   account executive on the Democratic elections marketing team at Google, helping candidates target voters and supporters online.

Justin Simeone is enrolled at Georgetown University Law Center and is a Ph.D. Candidate at Princeton University.

Beth  Kendall  is an Associate Attorney at PennStuart.

Ally Blanc is Deputy Counsel to a Massachusetts State Senator.

Monique  DeZarn  is a Creative Strategist at iStrategyLabs.

Theophe Love is the Assistant Public Defender for the City of Alexandria, Virginia.

Chapin   Fausel    is an Associate Attorney at Sheffer Law Firm.

Michael Littlejohn is an Associate Attorney at Loebsack & Brownlee, PLLC.

Sarah  Payne is an Associate Attorney at Maddox & Gerock, P.C.

Erin Perugini is a Legal Editor at Bloomberg BNA.

Marija Ozolins  is an Associate Attorney at Curtis, Mallet-Prevost, Colt & Mosle LLP.

Kate Johnson was promoted to Senior Policy Coordinator at Autism Speaks.

Andrew Lowndon is enrolled at Duke Law School.

Anna Boning is a Law Clerk at Balding Gutting, LLC.

Sandra Sanchez is going to graduate school at GMU to get a Master’s in Political Science and is working for the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health.

Sacha Brenac is an intel analyst with Cydecor, a Defense Contractor.

Nicole Tardif is working in the Washington office of US Rep. Barbara Comstock (R-Fairfax).

Ben Hermerding is working in the office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth in Richmond.

Benjamin   Harris   Lead Organizer at AARP Take A Stand.

Mark Finney is Assistant Professor of Mass Communication at Emory & Henry College.

Tom Allison is Deputy Policy & Research Director at Young Invincibles, a political research group focusing on issues of particular  importance to young adults.

Mariah Young is Project Assistant at King & Spalding.

Lauren Castellano was hired by GOPAC and then promoted to Events Coordinator.

Ashley Nixon is the Public Affairs Manager at Virginia Press Association.

Meghan Hobbs is Manager of Communications and External Affairs, Secretary of Commerce and Trade, Office of Governor Terrence R. McAuliffe
Thomas  Bowman  is  Legislative Assistant to Paul Krizek at Virginia House of Delegates.
Nick DeSarno is Manager of Digital and Communications Practice at Public Affairs Council.
Kelley Hudak is the Business Coalitions Coordinator for House Majority Whip Scalise.
Leah Kieff is Foundation Director at Americans for Prosperity.
Stacy Whitehouse is the Northern Virginia Field Director for John Adams for Attorney General Political Director and for Rob Wittman for Congress.
Kate Miceli is a J.D. Candidate at University of Richmond School of Law
Alex Olah is Government Affairs Manager at Natural Products Association.

Sarah Alvarez is Program Associate at The Aspen Institute.

Michele Alexander is Administrative Coordinator for Strategic Development and Communications, Management Sciences for Health.

Aida Dedajic is Standards Board Program Manager at The Appraisal Foundation.

Brian DeMott is Associate Attorney at Casarino Christman Shalk Ransom & Doss.

Prarthana Gurung is Community Activation Strategist at Netcentric Campaigns.

Nicole Halloran is Italian Teacher at Prince William County Public Schools.

Megan McCrum is Policy Advisor at U.S. House of Representatives.

Samantha Miller is Digital Account Supervisor at Publicis.

Joe Oschrin is a paralegal at Kasowitz, Benson, Torres & Friedman, LLP.

Nadine Zaatar works for the US State Department as a Foreign Affairs Officer.

Annie Morris Deputy Director of Government Relations at Virginia Commonwealth University and Health System.

Brianna Gavigan is Executive Assistant at Capital for Change, Inc.

Molly McCarthy Assistant Instructor at Columbia Performing Arts Center.

KJ Adler is Management Analyst at HUD OIG.

Kendall Carty is working for Governor Robert F. McDonell in the Department of Education.

Carrie Mitchell is working for the Department of Defense.

Nick Jacobs is a Teacher at Stafford County Public Schools.

Bobby Durrette is Founder of D&D Brewery, Lodge and Restaurant, Honduras.

Krystal Jackson is Corporate Recruiter at K12.

Catherine Stewart is an independent Business Strategist.

Kristen Tymeson is a Strategic Business Development Consultant.

Julie Viragh is a Communications Assistant at Military Order of the Purple Heart of the U.S.A., Inc.

Elizabeth Weaver is a Publisher at Elevation Outdoors Magazine (Summit Publishing, LLC).

Kate Lulfs Ehrle is Director of Business Development at Cask LLC.

Richard Ehrle is a senior counter-intelligence specialist with the US Navy.

Stephen Premo is an Associate Attorney Representing Employees and Whistleblowers at Halunen Law.

Kristin Howe is Senior Specialist, Client Development at WilmerHale.

Jessica Wells is the Director of Membership Programs at the Naval Postgraduate School Foundation.

James Schroll is a Project Manager at The Solar Foundation.

Kenneth Scheiber is a Teacher at St. Mary’s-Ryken High School.

Sarah B. Smith is Managing Director at the American European Business Association.

Sydney McClure is Associate Brand Manager at WhiteWave Foods.

Chris Winslow is an Attorney / Supervisor in Chesterfield County.

Andrew Wright is a Legislative and Communications Specialist for the Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation.

Katie Leesman is an Associate Attorney at Ballard Spahr LLP.

Sarah Campbell is an Office Assistant at Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service.

Madina Ahmadzai is a Marketing Assistant at Quality Matters.

Erin Albright is an Anti-Trafficking Coordinator for the International Institute of New England.

Tom Allison is a Deputy Policy & Research Director at Young Invincibles.

Allessandra Askins is a Senior Accounting Manager-Registration/Receivables at SANS Institute.

Jennifer Bell is a the Vice President of Marketing and Meetings at Federation of American Hospitals.

Michael Behrens is CTO at R2AD.

Alison Berry is a Sustainability Consultant at JDM Associates.

Miklos Bodnar is a DARPA – International Cooperation Specialist at System High Corporation.

Valerie Bradley is the Director of Special Projects at Earthcare Technologies, Inc.

Director of Special Projects at Earthcare Technologies, Inc.

Engagement Manager at American Business Council of Dubai & the Northern Emirates (Chapter, US Chamber of Commerce).

Bradd Buckingham is a Senior Strategic Analyst at Chenega Military, Intelligence & Operations Support SBU.

Alena Callaghan is a Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Appian.

Brian Cooney is a Management Consultant at PwC.

Victoria Cooney is a Manager at Cipher Systems LLC.

Matthew Coulter is a Terminal-Based Games Manager at Pennsylvania Lottery.

Lauren Decot is Director at MBA Consulting Group.

Brady Deremer is a Senior Manager at Sony.

Matt Desjardins works in Consular Affairs at U.S. Department of State.

Kevin Diana is Deputy Director of Budget at National Labor Relations Board.

Chris Dimotsis is Lead Strategic Housing Officer at VHDA.

Elspeth England is a Trial Attorney at U.S. Department of Justice.

Pari Farmani is a Women Waging Peace Network Manager at The Institute for Inclusive Security.

Meredith Flynn is an Account Executive, Velocity Products Group at Viacom.

Alissa Genovese is a Supervisory Grants Management Specialist at U.S. Department of Justice.

Therese Giambona Senior Manager of Bank Operations and External Partners.

Kathryn Schubert Godburn is the Chief Advocacy Officer at Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine.

Melissa Gonzalez is an Operations Analyst at Inter-American Development Bank.

Michael Hagan Regulatory Paralegal for Strayer University.

Kelly Heroman Vincent is the Chief of Staff for AKPD Message and Media.

Kevin Hickerson is President at Fairfax Education Association.

Ryan Jacobson is a Senior Business Analyst at ConvaTec.

Susan Jerdonek is Associate Director of Resource Development of US Programs at Save the Children.

Kory Jessen is a Senior Security Analyst at Verizon Enterprise Solutions.

Mikaela Jordan is an Underwriting Trainee at Chubb.

Ryan Kailath is a Coastal Reporter at WWNO New Orleans Public Radio.

Andrea Keefer is a Budget and Policy Specialist for the Department of Planning and Budget.

Kate Kelley is a Medical Student at Northeast Ohio Medical University.

Peter Kelley is Associate Director – Global Media Relations at EY.

Kira Lanewala is a MPH candidate at the George Washington University.

David Lindsay is a Project Manager III at Salient CRGT.

Kathy Loden is Parliamentarian and Director of Operations at U.S. House of Representatives.

Kevin Loden is Vice President and General Counsel at Redwood Capital Investments, LLC.

Danielle Mackey is a Freelance Journalist for Periodista Independiente.

James Martin is a Staff Officer at United States Seventh Fleet.

John Messinger is an Attorney for Lehrman Beverage Law, PLLC.

Dave Moore is Senior Solutions Engineer at Novetta.

Amanda Mulhern is a Contracts Manager at ICF International.

Thomas Openchowski is a Total Health Management Consultant at Mercer.

Brendan Orsinger is an Organizer & Activist PrimCorp, LLC.

Sean O’Brien is a Government Relations and Policy Associate at U.S. Global Leadership Coalition.

Andrew Painter is Partner at Walsh, Colucci, Lubeley & Walsh, P.C.

Frank Puleo is a Lead Associate at Booz Allen Hamilton.

Caitlin Quinn is an Associate at Herren Associates, Inc. and  MBA Candidate at University of Maryland Smith School.

Brandon Robinson is a President, Association Management at Eisenman & Associates, Inc.

Nicholas Ryan is Sales Consultant, Outside Sales at

Kaycee Stahl is an Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence at Azimuth.

Amina Shafi is an Associate Counsel of Refugee and Asylum Law at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Sarah Simpson is a Systems Engineer, Test Engineer, Senior Quality Assurance Professional at Northrop Grumman Corporation.

Andrew Smith is a Program Officer at American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative.

Jacqueline Snyder is a Professional Development Manager at IPMA-HR.

Stephanie Tait is a Communications Specialist for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Elizabeth Terry Rose is an Architecture, Design and Engineering Reference Librarian at Library of Congress.

Annie Unger is an Account Manager at The Common Application.

Megan Vaughan-Albert is a Consultant at Avascent.

Mary Wagoner is a Policy Associate at Civic Committee of the Commercial Club of Chicago.

Katie Webb is a Manager of the Department of Veterans Affairs at Northrop Grumman Corporation Information Systems.

Caroline Wood is a Senior Fund Administration Coordinator at The Boston Foundation.

Simran Kaur-Colbert is a PhD candidate at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio. Simran has completed her MA from the Patterson School of Diplomacy and International Commerce at the University of Kentucky.


Updated 4/19/2017