Kevin Bartram Featured on VFH Podcast (NPR)


Our own Kevin Bartram is featured on the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities NPR program, "With Good Reason"!  This is from the podcast notes.  Enjoy! Listening to With Good Reason Kevin Bartram is the Indiana Jones of music.  He's diving into archives at the Library of Congress in search of never-before-heard American compositions. We also hear from celebrated poet Tim Seibles about his new collection, author Brendan Wolfe on jazz legend Biz Beiderbecke, and musician Jacqueline Secoy on the subtle wonder of the common ukelele. … [Read more...]

New student handbook for Music majors published!

See here, see here!  Check out the revised umw-student-handbook-2017! … [Read more...]

Auditions for Scholarships

The Aurelia B. Walford and Henry & Grace Spicer Scholarships are awarded to incoming first-year music majors (and available for all years thereafter with successful academic progress) of outstanding performance ability; Auditions will be held Sunday, January 22, 12:00-3:00 and Sunday, February 19, 12:00-3:00 at Pollard Hall, room 304. Applicants are expected to perform two published selections, one essentially lyrical and one displaying technical proficiency. For an appointment to audition (or to ask questions) contact the department (540) 654-1012. If personal auditions are not possible, send a DVD or videotape postmarked by Friday, February 5, 2016. The scholarship application can be downloaded here, … [Read more...]

Music Scholarship Application

As you may know, the University has changed its method of awarding undergraduate scholarships. In the past, you might have applied for a specific scholarship if you happened to know about it (for example, the Spicer or Walford) or a scholarship may simply have been bestowed upon you without any conscious attempt on your part to secure it. This is not the case anymore. Hereafter, if you want to be considered for a scholarship--even if you currently hold one and would like to retain it next year!--you will need to develop a profile and declare yourself an applicant for each scholarship through the new UMW application portal. You can access the scholarship portal here: IMMEDIATELY -I encourage all music majors--declared or prospective--to review the lists of scholarships housed in the department to see what might be a good fit for you. A list of scholarships available to Music majors may be found here: … [Read more...]