Girolamo da Cremona: miniatura

Dr. Federico Schneider, Associate Professor

A native of Milan (Italy), Dr. Schneider has completed his education in the US, where he has received a 4-Year Diploma in Jazz Composition from Berklee College of Music (1992), a M.A. in Italian Literature & Culture from Boston College (1996), and a Ph.D. in Italian Literature from Yale University (2002). He has served for four years as a Teaching Assistant and Tutor in Italian language and culture at Harvard University, where he has won the Harvard University Certificate of Distinction in Teaching for three consecutive years. His scholarship is in the field of literature and it is interdisciplinary in nature. It is focused on what poetry is made of (as opposed to what it says) and on the particular effect  it has, including its influence on other arts, especially music. His major areas of interest are Dante, and Renaissance theater, including opera. His book Pastoral Drama and Healing in Early Modern Italy has been published by Ashgate Press (2010), and he is presently working on a new book project on the poetics of the early opera libretto.


Curriculum Vitae