Internships/Independent Study/Capstone

Capstone Internships and independent study information

To be eligible for the capstone students must be registered in the certificate program.   For more information refer to the section on “How To Apply‘ found on the left hand side of the page.

When all requirements leading up to the capstone have been met.  Students may register for either the internship or independent study.  Registration options for both requires the completion of paper forms.  The Internship form can be found here.

The independent study form can be obtained from your adviser.  Both forms must be completed in consultation with your adviser and in the case of the internship the sponsor must also be consulted.

Prior to any formal discussion with a potential internship sponsor students must meet with their adviser for approval.  Students are free and encouraged to identify internships on their own but should not agree to any commitment until they have discussed the opportunity with their adviser.

With adviser approval students will arrange to meet with their sponsor and work out a project that meets the requirements of the capstone.  Any questions regarding these requirements can be addressed by your adviser or Dr. Rizzo.

Once the sponsor and the student have negotiated a project topic, the student will complete the internship form, have it signed by the sponsor and meet with their adviser for final approval and signature.  The form must then be brought to academic services where it will be processed.

Instructions regarding the registration process for both the internship and independent study can be found on the following form:

GISc Capstone Registration

The specific requirements of the Capstone are outlined in the PDF file “GISc 491-499 Guidelines” which can be downloaded here. Independent Study and Internship Guidelines for the GISc Certificate Program.

If you have further questions about either of these programs, please contact Dr. Brian Rizzo at at (540) 654-1386.