German Major and Minors

Requirements for the German Major

Thirty-two (32) credits in German usually including German 311; at least two courses chosen from 393, 394, and 395; and additional German courses at the 300- or 400-level.

What can I do with a German major?

How much German do I have to know in my job?

Requirements for the German Minor

Twenty-six (26) credits including GERM 201, GERM 202, GERM 393, GERM 394, and any three additional courses at or above the 300 level. If the student can demonstrate intermediate, language competency through one of the accepted exams and, consequently, does
not have to take GERM 201 and GERM 202, he or she will replace those courses with additional courses at or above the 300 level.

Requirements for the Minor in Business German:

Twenty-six credits including GERM 393, GERM 394, GERM 313, GERM 317 or GERM 485b or GERM 485c, GERM 499 or BUAD 499 or ECON 499 (for at least 1 credit). In addition, one of the following: (a)BUAD 131+ 132 + one BUAD 300+ OR (b) ECON 201+ 202 + one ECON 300+.

Business German minors can take no more than 29 credits in Business without applying for admission to the College of Business (declaring a Business Major).