The Department of Geography provides students and faculty with a wide range of facilities and equipment to support course work, student and faculty research, and the production of maps used for teaching and publication. Our facilities include:

  • A fully-equipped multi-faceted geospatial analysis and cartography laboratory.
  • A Geography classroom with state-of-the-art audio-visual facilities, computer equipment, and maps.
  • An extensive collection of maps and remotely sensed imagery.
  • A fully-equipped laboratory for pollen analysis.
  • Laboratory equipment for teaching physical geography, geographic techniques, and field methods.

Aerial Photo of Campus

The Cartography Lab

We consider┬áthe Cartography Laboratory (Monroe Hall 319-320) the traditional heart of the department. On most weekends, it is an open airy room with tall ceilings and windows, a view overlooking Palmieri Plaza and the fountain, and students working on computers or quietly talking. During the week, ‘the wall comes down’ and we have two laboratories. The GIS lab in 320 has 18 brand new (summer 2016) workstations with dual monitors and a full suite of GIS and remote sensing software, as well as a large-format plotter and dual-projector instructor workstation. The Physical Lab in 319 has worktables, maps covering all of Virginia at 1:24,000 as well as some class sets showing physical features, an Em River stream table and a muffle furnace. The attached prep-room houses other equipment including a light microscope and dissecting microscope. Students have access to both labs 24/7 during the regular semester via their Eagle One cards; it is not unusual to find them working in the lab day and night as the semester comes to a close…


For more information please contact Dr. Stephen Hanna (shanna@umw.edu).