Nina V. Mikhalevsky

Nina Mikhalevsky
  • Classics, Philosophy, Religion
  • Academic Degrees

    • Ph.D., Georgetown University
    • M.A., Georgetown University
    • B.A., Boston University
  • Areas of Expertise

    • Aesthetics
    • Ethics
    • Political Theory
    • Women in STEM
    • Women's Education and Pedagogy
    • History of Women's Education

Nina Mikhalevsky, Professor of Philosophy, holds a Ph.D. (1981) and an M.A. (1977) in philosophy from Georgetown University, as well as a B.A. (1974) in philosophy from Boston University. Named the Ambassador John M. Steeves Fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, Dr. Mikhalevsky was also awarded a teaching fellowship and a university fellowship at Georgetown University. She is the recipient of the Elizabeth J. Somers Award for Outstanding Leadership in Women’s Education from Mount Vernon College. She is a member of the American Philosophical Association, the American Society for Aesthetics, and the Society for Women in Philosophy.

Dr. Mikhalevsky has served as Vice President for Strategy and Policy and as Acting Provost at the University of Mary Washington. Prior to coming to Mary Washington, she was Assistant Dean for Academic Programs and Planning in the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences at the George Washington University. Other administrative roles include Director of the Elizabeth Somers Center and Women’s Leadership Program at George Washington University, and Dean of Students and Campus Life, Presiding Officer of the Faculty, Chair of the Liberal Studies Department, and Director of the Honors Program at Mount Vernon College.

Dr. Mikhalevsky’s areas of expertise and research include aesthetics, ethics, and political theory, as well as Women in STEM, women’s education and pedagogy, and the history of women’s education.