James E. Bales

Jack Bales
  • Library Science

Jack Bales, Reference and Humanities Librarian, earned an M.A. (1974) in library science from the University of Illinois and a B.A. (1973) in English from Illinois College. Although a librarian by vocation, he is a writer by avocation and has published hundreds of articles, essays, and reviews for numerous books, periodicals, and newspapers. His research works include literary studies on American authors Horatio Alger, Jr., Kenneth Roberts (Northwest Passage), Esther Forbes (Johnny Tremain), and southern author Willie Morris (best known for the award-winning North Toward Home and the memoir My Dog Skip, which was made into a popular motion picture). A member of the Society for American Baseball Research, he has written several articles on the Chicago Cubs for Nine: A Journal of Baseball History and Culture and the Baseball Research Journaland is currently researching a documentary history of the team’s early years.

Bales particularly enjoys sharing his knowledge of research techniques with students. Working closely with the various UMW disciplines in the humanities, he provides not only one-on-one assistance to students needing term paper help but also class instruction.