Geology student working with Jepson Science Center's scanning electron microscope (SEM).

The Department has modern, well-equipped laboratories in the Jepson Science Center to support instructional activities and provide opportunities for research.  We maintain a student computer lab equiped with the latest GIS software.  Other major items include petrographic microscopes, a fluid-inclusion instrument, an automated x-ray diffractometer, a scanning electon microscope (SEM), a cathodoluminesence instrument, and a magnetic susceptibility instrument. Our faculty and students  regularly work with analytical instrumentation (e.g. mass spectrometers, atomic emission spectrometers, etc.) in the Chemistry Department, also located in the Jepson Science Center.  We also have equipment to support geologic field research, including GPS instruments, surveying equipment, rock and soil coring drills, research boats, sediment coring devices, and an elecronic  sub-bottom profiler.  Independent study labs are available for students conducting  research projects.