Dean’s Grant Program Awards

Approved Faculty Projects

Faculty Members receiving current funding are listed below by department:

2016 Awards:

Art and Art History
Marjorie Och
Project: Taking Museums Studies Online and Abroad
Semester: Fall 2016

Classics, Philosophy, and Religion
Angela Pitts
Project: Mythography in Theory and Practice
Semester: Spring 2017

Lee Bessette
Project: DGST 101 Online
Semester: Spring 2017

English, Linguistics, and Communication
Zach Whalen
Project: DGST 101 Online
Semester: Spring 2017

History and American Studies
Claudine Ferrell
Project: Research and Development of two Online Courses
Semester: Summer 2017

Debra Hydorn
Project: “R U Ready” Quizzes for an Online Statistics Course
Semester: Fall 2016

Suzanne Sumner
Project: The History of Mathematics: Reimagined Online
Semester: Summer 2017



Faculty that have received funding in previous years:

 Year  Awards Granted
 2012  Grant Awards
 2013  Grant Awards
 2014  Grant Awards
 2015   Grant Awards