Campus Academic Resources Committee (CARC)




CARC has an annual budget to support academic programming.  While the majority of funding is for visiting speakers and other expenditures, such as instructional media, other programs are also supported.  Instructional media, such as films or laser disks, which are purchased with CARC funds need to be housed and cataloged with the College’s Centralized Media library.

Please note that funding for arts programming (music, art, theatre and dance) is managed by those departments, not CARC.  Individuals or groups who have suggestions about such programming, or who have arts‑type programming of their own for which they seek support, should contact the relevant department chair.

CARC favors events which demonstrate support from as well as benefit to the community, expecting that at least 1/3 of the costs be funded from another source.  CARC will only pay up to $1000 on a one speaker one event proposal.  CARC will consider funding events strongly geared to one discipline, but when large amounts of money are involved, events with broad campus appeal will be given priority.  CARC considers proposals on a rolling basis in the order in which they arrive, but prefers that proposals be submitted by the first committee meeting of the semester in which the event is to be held.  Earlier submissions are encouraged and in fact receive priority.    Submissions must be received one week prior to the meeting to ensure prompt consideration.  Proposals are welcome from students, faculty, and staff.

  • One proposal may be submitted for related events, such as the various talks within a colloquium or series.

Emergency request—CARC does its best to honor emergency requests.  CARC defines a request as an “emergency” when a decision must be made before the next scheduled meeting of CARC is to take place.  An example of a legitimate “emergency” would be when a department suddenly learns that a scholar is passing through the area and wants to take advantage of his/her presence.  CARC will not in general fund an event after it has taken place. Please email the CARC chair (for 2012-2013, Kathryn Loesser-Casey, to notify him/her that an emergency application is being submitted.

Title and nature of event–This should include a breakdown of how many lectures, classroom visits, workshops, and so forth, will be held.

Potential audience for event–Anticipated size and type of audience.  (Will the event appeal to the college, the community, or both?  To specific departments or to the whole campus?)

Date of event–This may be approximate.  CARC will not in general fund an event when there is insufficient lead time for appropriate advertising.

Where event is to be held–This may be approximate.

Budget–Include a breakdown of the budget and a justification for each item, i.e. price of ticket, hotel, food, honorarium, etc.  Applicants should use state per diems when estimating lodging and food costs.  Reimbursement regulations require that all state and university regulations be followed.

Other sources–Events tied to specific disciplines should always seek some departmental funding.  If funding is being sought from a department or departments, have the department chair/s sign the proposal as sponsor/s for other sources of funding. If a club or other campus institution has already agreed to provide some funding, the treasurer or other club official should sign there as well.

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