College committee meeting dates are determined by the governing bodies for each of the separate college faculties.

Listed below are the committees and membership to include the Chair for each committee.

Bachelor of Liberal Studies Committee Membership

Eric Bonds (Assistant, SOAN)-Secretary

Ana Chichester (Professor, MDFL-ex-officio member)

M. Gary Collier (Associate, MATH)

Shumona Dasgupta (Assistant, ENLC) – Chair

Suzanne Stewart (BLS-ex-officio member)

Suzanne Sumner (Professor, MATH)

Curriculum Committee Membership and Information

Meeting Dates: TBA – All meetings are at 4 PM

University Curriculum Committee website has the information for guidelines, procedures, and forms to complete.

Eric Bond (Assistant, SOAN)

Dawn Bowen (Professor, GEOG)- Chair

Marcia Butler (Library) – ex-officio member

Yuan-Jen Chiang (Professor, MATH)

Antonio Delgado-Poust (Associate, MDFL)

Ian Finlayson (Assistant, CPSC)

Jason Matzke (Associate, CLPR) – Secretary

Grant Woodwell (Professor, EESC) – ex-officio member

Faculty Development and Grants Committee Membership

Janusz Konieczny (Professor, MATH)

Maya Mathur (Associate, ENLC)

Jon MacMillan (Assistant, ARTS)

Joe Romero (Associate, CLPR)- Chair

Cristina Turdean (Assistant, HISP) – Secretary

Grant Woodwell (Professor, EESC)

Faculty Senate Committee Membership

To view department senators click link above.

Website for Faculty Senate

Faculty Officers:

President:  Margaret Ray (Professor, ECON)

President Elect: Marie McAllister (Professor, ENLC)

Secretary: Ian Finlayson (Assistant, CPSC)

Parliamentarian: Larry Lehman (Professor, MATH)

Museum Studies Committee Membership

Website for Museum Studies

JeanAnn Dabb (Professor, ARTH)

Eric Gable (Professor, SOAN)

Scott Harris (Director, James Monroe Museum and Memorial Library)

Liane Houghtalin (Professor, CLPR)

Rosemary Jesionowski (Associate, ARTH)

Krystyn Moon (Associate, HIST)

Marie Sheckels (Professor, COE)

Kelli Slunt (Professor, CHEM)

Cristina Turdean (Assistant, HISP) – Chair

Promotion and Tenure Committee Membership

Website CAS Promotion and Tenure

Karen Anewalt (Professor, CPSC)

Steven Harris (Associate, HIST)

Helen Housley (Associate, THEA)

Debra Hydorn (Professor, MATH)

Mary Beth Mathews (Associate, CLPR) – Chair

Venitta C. McCall (Professor, COE) External Member

Hai Nguyen (Associate, PHYS)

Holly Schiffrin (Associate, Psychology)

Suzanne Sumner (Professor, MATH)