Study Abroad with UMW Greece 2017 (May 15-27)


Hoping hoping hoping you can join us for UMW Greece 2017!  For details, check us out!  Our next interest meeting is Wednesday, 5pm, October 5th, in Trinkle 243.  Do come! … [Read more...]

Mindfulness Week 2016 (October 10-14) Mindfulness Week 2016 The University of Mary Washington presents the 4th Annual UMW Mindfulness Week (Mon. Oct. 10-Fri. Oct. 14th, 2016), a week-long series of activities that center on cultivating integrated, whole-person wellness through the intersections of mindfulness, creativity, social justice, and contemplative practice.  All events are free and open to the public. Schedule of Events Mon. 10/10/16: 1. Introduction to Mindfulness with Guided Meditation Practice, led by Bill Brooks, 4:00-5:30 Lee Hall 411.  This workshop provides a general introduction to “mindfulness”, that is, sustained, non-judgemental attention given to what is in the present moment, and how mindfulness can be cultivated through meditation. Tues. 10/11/16: 1. Mindfulness with Mandalas:  A Short Film and Workshop, led by UMW Student, Joshua Whiting, 1:00-2:30 p.m., Capital Room, University Center (room 314).  In this workshop, Joshua will … [Read more...]

First Think, Then Earn

Second-year business school students make an orientation video for freshmen as new UCLA students move into campus residence halls in preparation for the new school year, in Los Angeles

From The Atlantic Magazine we learn once again the maybe not so obvious:  businesses want and need liberal arts majors. … [Read more...]