UMW Certamen 2016 Results

certamenThe UMW Classics Club and the department of Classics, Philosophy, and Religion welcomed eight teams to UMW Certamen 2016 this past weekend!  The results are as follows:

Level One – 1st Ni River Middle, 2nd Massaponax High School

Level One-A – 1st Spotsylvania Middle, 2nd Ni River Middle School

Level two 1st Riverbend High School A team, 2nd Riverbend High School B team

Level three 1st Riverbend High School, 2nd Brooke Point High school

Upper level 1st Riverbend High School, 2nd Massaponax High school

Congratulations to all those who participated!

For those of you who attended, please take a moment to fill out our survey.  And keep an eye out for Certamen 2017 in March!