UMW Certamen 2015

Certamen 2015On Saturday, March 21st, over 100 students from eight area middle schools and high schools competed at 5 levels (1, 1A, 2, 3, Upper).  The Certamen was organized by the UMW Classics Club and was, by all accounts, a rousing success.  The results are as follows:

Level 1 1st Ni River Middle School-Team B (David Yates, teacher), 2nd Spotsylvania High School, 3rd Spotsylvania Middle School, 4th Orange County High School, 5th Ni River Middle School-Team A

Level 1A 1st Ni River Middle School (David Yates, teacher)2nd Spotsylvania Middle School-Team B, 3rd Spotsylvania Middle School-Team A

Level 2 1st Riverbend High School-Team A (Mark Keith, teacher), 2nd Spotsylvania High School, 3rd Orange County High School

Level 3 1st Riverbend High School-Team A (Mark Keith, teacher), 2nd Brooke Point High School3rd Riverbend High School-Team B

Upper Level 1st Spotsylvania High School (Lindsay Herndon), 2nd Riverbend High School-Team A, 3rd Courtland High School, 4th Massoponax High School

Congratulations to all who competed!  And thanks to the teachers, parents, and copious volunteers who made it all possible. maximas gratias omnibus vobis pluribus pro meritis agimus.