Scholarships and Awards

SCI Scholar – Selected by the ACS

2014 – Brooke Andrews – SCI Internship with Momentum in Stafford, TX

Roy Seldon Cook Scholarship in Chemistry

cook scholarship_lonnie harris

Generally awarded to an outstanding chemistry major. The monetary award can be used to defray educational costs.

Past recipients

2016 –

2015 – Lonnie Harris

2014 – Brooke Andrews

2013 – Eric Johnson

Irene Piscopo Rodgers ’59 and James Rodgers Research Endowment

rogers fellowship_july laszakovits

Awarded to a chemistry major actively and successfully involved in undergraduate research. Recipient receives funds to help further their undergraduate research project and a monetary award.

Past recipients

2016 – Kelly McDaniel

2015 – Juliana Laszakovits

2013 and 2014 – Brooke Andrews

2012 – Alex Carpenter

Judith A. Crissman Scholarship in Chemistry

crissman award_kelly mcdaniel

Awarded in memory of Dr. Crissman’s parents, Robert and Louise Crissman, to a rising junior or senior chemistry major.  The monetary award can be used to defray educational costs.

Past recipients

2016 –

2015 – Kelly McDaniel

2014 – Juliana Laszakovits

American Chemical Societies Outstanding Chemistry Major

Awarded to an outstanding member of the graduating class. Recipient receives a one-year membership to the American Chemical Society.

Past recipients

2016 –

2015 – Brooke Andrews

2014 – Eric Johnson

2013 – M. Alexandra Carpenter

American Institute of Chemists Award

Awarded to an excellent senior chemistry major. Recipient receives a one-year membership in the American Institute of Chemists.

Past recipients

2015 – Orlando Stewart

2014 – Holly Perucci

2013 – Allison Leninger

Undergraduate Award for Achievement in Organic Chemistry

Sponsored by the American Chemical Society and Joint Polymer Education Committee (POLYED). Awarded to student for outstanding performance in two semesters of organic chemistry.

organic award_hannah kass

Past recipients

2017 – Rachel Sunder

2016 –

2015 – Hannah Kass

2014 – Kelly McDaniel

2013 – Anna Kania

Earl N. Meyer Analytical Chemistry Trophy

erlenmeyer award winners_laszakovits and mcdaniel

Awarded to the student with the highest cumulative average in chemical analysis.

Past recipients

Spring 2017 – Matthew Tovar

Fall 2016 – Andrew Franklin

Spring 2016 – Sarah Heisey

Fall 2015 – Sonya Foley

Spring 2015 – Kelly McDaniel

Fall 2014 – Juliana Laszakovits

Spring 2013 – Brooke Andrews

General Chemistry Honor Roll

Awarded to students for outstanding performance in general chemistry.

2015 Honor Roll

  • Madeline Beasley
  • Rachelle Dambrose
  • Thomas Fontaine
  • Juliette Guilloux
  • Hannah Jabusch
  • Kimberly McFarland
  • Lauren Mosesso
  • Sarah Roche
  • Hoang Anh Tran