The BLS Program Director is pleased to announce the addition of a new major in Cyber Security.

This Major is exclusive to students in the Bachelor of Liberal Studies (BLS) Degree program. If you are not enrolled in the BLS program, you cannot declare this major. 

It is no secret that our interconnected world leaves our computer information vulnerable to theft and destruction by a whole range of sophisticated cyber users. Strengthening the security and resilience of cyberspace has become important task for any industry that stores sensitive data on a computer. There is a growing need for knowledgeable professionals who can develop, use, and manage security best practices and tools.

The BLS Cyber Security major provides students with foundation knowledge of information systems, along with a hands-on study of current cyber security topics pertinent to the development, assessment, and management of modern information systems and networks.

The Cyber Security major seeks to provide students with the ability to begin a career in cyber security, and allows for one of two concentrations that emphasize either technical aspects, or management.

The Cyber Security major also provides students with a foundation from which they can seek one, or more, professional post-baccalaureate certificates such as the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) test.

According to the Dept of Homeland Security, there are about a half a million jobs in IT fields like Cyber Security that need to be filled. If you have an aptitude for computers, forensics, problem solving, analysis, and don’t mind sometimes unconventional hours. This is a major you will want to look into.

Major Requirements:

* CPSC 220: Computer Programming & Problem Solving (this course has a prerequisite)

CPSC 225: Software Development Tools (1credit, online)

CIST 299: Intro to Computer Information Systems

CPSC 302: Computer Ethics

CIST 406: Data Communications & Networking

MIST 411: Information Security; or CPSC 345: Intro to Computer Security; or CIST 440: Computer Information Security

CIST 441: Network Security & Cryptography

CAPSTONE: CIST 471: Special Topics

ELECTIVES: (must select two)

CPSC 414: Network Principles & Applications

CPSC 445: Software Security

CIST 442 Security Policy, Planning, & Assurance

MIST 444: Ethical Hacking

Sound like something you are interested in but you are already almost done with your major? Consider adding the Information Security Minor:

Required Courses:

CPSC 220: Computer Programming & Problem Solving

CPSC 225: Software Development Tools (1 credit, online)

MIST 411: Information Security; or CPSC 345: Intro to Computer Security

CPSC 414: Network Principles & Applications

CPSC 445: Software Security or MIST 444: Ethical Hacking

BUAD 464: Business Ethics; or CPSC 302: Computer Ethics; or PHIL 225 Practical Ethics


*Prerequisite for CPSC 220 is CPSC 110.

*** Be sure to check the Academic Catalog, or visit our Program Director to see what prerequisites are required for the courses listed above, or for more information.  ***  The Cybersecurity major is exclusive to BLS Students, the minor is available to all students. ***