BLS Major Programs of Study

Students in the BLS program can pursue any liberal arts major offered here at UMW, as well as our specially designed Leadership and Management major, which is only open to BLS students. This major was designed with our working students in mind and offers short 8 week core courses in the evenings at our Stafford Campus, which allows for rapid completion and scheduling ease.

BLS EXCLUSIVE: The Special Major in Criminal Justice is primarily designed for BLS students who have earned an Associate of Applied Science in Police Science within the VCCS, and wish to continue with the discipline. However, any BLS student who meets the pre-requisites for the major is free to pursue that major as well.

BLS EXCLUSIVE: Our Cybersecurity major is in the beginning stages, but the first classes are appearing in the course catalog. This emerging field will give BLS graduates an essential skill set that is marketable in many different business sectors. BLS Students can choose to emphasize the technical aspects or management side. If you are nearly done with your current major but would like to add some Cybersecurity skills to your resume, check out the Information Security minor.

Students also have the option to work with our program director, and faculty advisors, to design a special interdisciplinary major if upon review of the Academic catalog there isn’t a major that meets a student’s career goals. Perhaps your line of work, is Business Healthcare or Social Work, maybe you really love Physical and Life Science, or Urban Revitalization, you could create a special major  using courses offered here at UMW and pursue that line of study instead of a traditional major.

The university has a diverse selection of minors to compliment any major, and popular choices include Museum Studies, Economics and Information Security.

Major/Minor declaration forms need to be signed by the department chair and by you, then returned to the Registrar’s Office for processing. Major_Minor Declaration Form