BLS Major in Leadership and Management

The Bachelor of Liberal Studies Degree in

Leadership and Management

Leadership and Management is a multidisciplinary major only open to students in the Bachelor of Liberal Studies Degree Program. Students attend most classes at the Stafford campus. Courses are scheduled in the evenings and in short (8-week) sessions to accommodate the schedule of working students. Prospective students should contact the Director of BLS, Dr. Ana Chichester ( or Ms. Sarah Lindberg  in Admissions (
The major in Leadership and Management provides students with basic management skills and is organized to produce  effective and intellectually agile leaders. Students gain advanced critical thinking skills and a readiness to participate productively in the workplace and the community. The major also prepares students interested in applying to the MBA program at the University.

For a complete description of the program and list of required and elective courses, please see the list below or visit the online Catalog at

Requirements for the Leadership and Management major

Thirty-nine (39) credits total. Twenty-four (24) credits in business related courses and leadership. The eight courses below are scheduled in the evenings and taught in 8-week format at the Stafford campus:

BPST 314  or BUAD 283– Business Legal Environment

CIST 301 – Business Information Systems

LRSP 201 – Accounting for Managers

LRSP 316 – Statistics for Managers

LRSP 311 – the Management Process

LRSP 344 – Financial Management /span>

LRSP 406 – Human Resource Management

LRSP 412 – Marketing for Managers

Required: A minimum of three (3) credits taken from Leadership Strategy and Policy (LRSP 460) or Individual Study (BLST 491) and/or Internship (BLST 499).

Required: Twelve (12) additional credits to include at least three (3) credits in each of the following categories (see list of courses following each category below): Organization and Government, Leadership and Communication, Ethics and Diversity.  These electives are taught in Fredericksburg and are in semester (16-weeks) format.

Organization and Government

ECON 202 – Principles of Microeconomics

ECON 311-Industrial Economics

ECON 312-Government and Business

EESC 321-Environmental Impact Assessment

EESC 330-Environmental Regulations Compliance

FREN 313-Business French

GEOG 338-Geopolitics

GERM 313-Business German

PHIL 100-Individual and the Community

PHIL 210-Social and Political Philosophy

PSCI 201-American Government

PSCI 202-American Public Policy

PSCI 311-Congress and the Political Process

PSCI 312-The American Presidency

PSYC 301-Social Psychology

PSYC 385-Industrial-Organizational Psychology

PSYC 386-Human Resources Management

PSYC 387-Organizational Development and Change

SPAN 393-Spanish for Business

Leadership and Communication

COMM 205-Public Speaking

COMM 206-Small Group Communication

COMM 208-Interpersonal Communication

COMM 209-Argumentation

COMM 350-Introduction to Rhetoric and Communication

COMM 351-Communciation and Political Campaigns

COMM 352-American Public Argument

COMM 354-Environmental Rhetoric

COMM 356-Rhetoric of Controversy

CPSC 103-Computing in the 21st Century

CPSC 104-The Internet: Technology, Information, and Issues

CPSC 105-Problem-solving with Databases

CPSC 106-Digital Storytelling

CPSC 310-Computer Information Systems

CPSC 348-Web Application Development

CPSC 350-Application of Databases

ENGL 200-Newsgathering

ENGL 300-Principles of Newspaper Writing

LING 101-Introduction to Linguistics

LING 202-Cross-Cultural Communications

LING 301-Introduction to Psycholinguistics

PHIL 151-Introduction To Logic

THEA 218-Voice and Body Movement

THEA 261-Exercises in Creativity

Ethics and Diversity

CPSC 302-Computer Ethics

ECON 332-Economics of Health

ECON 351-Poverty, Affluence, and Equality

ECON 352-Labor Economics

ECON 354-Urban and Regional Economics

ENGL 206- Global Issues in Literature

ENGL 243- Women in Literature

GEOG 331-Race and Place in America

HIST 313-African American History through 1865

HIST 314-African American History through Slavery

HIST 315-U.S. Immigration History

HIST 327-U.S. Women’s History to 1870

HIST 328-U.S. Women’s History since 1870

HIST384-Islamic Civilization

IDIS 203-Introduction to Ethnic Studies

PHIL 160 – Introduction to Ethics

PHIL 225 – Practical Ethics

PSYC 333-Psychology of Aging

PSYC 347- Psychology of Men

PSYC 350-Psychology of Women

RELG 101-Introduction to World Religions

RELG 276-Religion in America

RELG 305-Religion and Politics in the United States

RELG 317-Religions in Dialogue

SOCG 304-Social Stratification

SOCG 315-Gender and Society

SOCG 341-American Society

SOCG 421-Racial and Ethnic Relations