BLS Life/Work Portfolio

Students enrolled in the BLS Degree program may choose to develop one or more portfolios regarding prior learning experiences that occurred outside of the traditional classroom setting. These experiences may include education or training that they received while in the military or working in the corporate world. Also included in these experiences may be hobbies and community service activities where training or education took placed. Whatever the setting, may adults have gained important college-level knowledge that may be equated to college credit.

Before beginning the development of the portfolio, the student must email the Program Director, Ana Garcia Chichester ( for permission to enroll in BLST 101: Portfolio Development.

BLST 101  is a one-credit course. The course is offered every fall and spring  semesters. The course defines the kind of learning that a portfolio can present successfully, presented in a portfolio, provides a detailed outline of the portfolio format, and offers each student specific instructions on the assembly of the initial stages of the portfolio. Portfolios must be submitted within twelve (12) months of completion of the portfolio course. Currently the assessment fee for each portfolio is $100. Portfolios should not exceed 250 pages.

Portfolio credits are considered transfer credits. If a student transfers ninety (90) semester credits into the BLS program, the student is not eligible for portfolio credit. The maximum number is usually fifteen credit hours. In special cases, an evaluator may award up to thirty credits.