Degree Plan

The Degree Plan-The Degree Plan is used for the Interdisciplinary Major. BLS students with special interests may work with a faculty advisor to design an interdisciplinary major. This option allows a student to develop a major by selecting at least thirty-nine (39) credits from at least two different academic disciplines. A minimum of fifteen (15) credits required for the major must be earned at UMW, and at least twenty-one (21) of these credits must be taken in courses designated 300-or 400- level at the time the credits are earned. Classes taken at the 200-level at another institution, which transfer into University of Mary Washington as 300- or 400- level equivalents may not count in the twenty-one (21) credit hours. No more than six (6) credits that count toward the major may be earned as Individual Studies. Additionally, no major courses may be taken on a pass/fail basis.

In order to have an interdisciplinary major considered for approval, the student must prepare an interdisciplinary major proposal (Degree Plan), signed by the faculty mentor to be submitted to the BLS Committee. The student must submit 10 hard copies of their Degree Plan and an electronic copy with appropriate signatures to the BLS office one week prior to the BLS Committee meeting.

The proposal (Degree Plan) must include the following:

  • A title for the field of concentration;
  • A written description (approximately one paragraph in length) of the major’s core idea or theme;
  • A list of the courses to be included;
  • A list of courses, pre-requisite to the proposed major courses, but not counting in the major;
  • For each course included in the major itself, a brief annotation explaining how the course fits with the core idea or theme of the major.

After the interdisciplinary major has been approved by the BLS Committee, students must obtain written permission from the advisor and BLS Committee in order to make any course substitutions.