1. What is the BLS degree program?

A: The Bachelor of Liberal Studies degree program is designed for the non-traditional adult student, who has earned college credits at one or more post-secondary institutions, and desires to complete a liberal arts and sciences degree program, or to earn a second undergraduate degree in a different subject.

  1. How do I know that I want the BLS program rather than the BA or BS degree programs?

A: The BLS degree program allows an adult student to study the same traditional majors of study in the College of Arts and Sciences as the BA/BS students, but it also has majors designed for the working adult who needs evening courses. The BLS degree program is more flexible in the acceptance of credits for prior college-level learning including experiential learning through documentation of life/work portfolio, credit-by-exam, CLEP, and military (ACE) credits to satisfy the general education requirements, allowing the student to concentrate on their major program sooner.

Unlike the BA/BS program, the BLS program requires fewer general education requirements, and does not require specific courses to satisfy general education areas.

Additionally, the BLS degree program does not require foreign language as a general education requirement.

  1. Can I switch to the BLS program?

A: B.A. or B.S. students, who would have qualified for the BLS program at the time of admittance, and who have earned less than 30 credit hours at UMW may request to transfer into the BLS program by reapplying to Admissions. Contact your academic advisor, or Sarah Lindberg in Admissions if you think you are in the wrong program.

  1. How many transfer credits may be accepted toward the BLS degree?

A: Up to 90 credits can be accepted.

    5. What is the maximum number of military credits accepted?

A: 30 ACE credits

  1. How are credits awarded for other experiential learning?

A: Students who wish to document college-level learning through life/work experiences may submit a portfolio for evaluation. Prior to submission of the portfolio, the student must complete the one-credit, pass/fail class BLST 101 Portfolio.

  1. How many credits are awarded for a portfolio submitted?

A: The usual range is 0 to 15 credits. In exceptional cases, with BLS Committee review and approval, 16- 30 credits may be awarded.

  1. After admission into the BLS degree program, is it possible to take a course at another post-secondary institution and receive additional transfer credit toward the BLS degree?

A: Yes; additional transfer credits may be accepted if less than 90 transfer credits have been accepted toward the BLS degree, and if you have received prior approval of the courses to be taken through the Registrar’s Office.

  1. What is the residency requirement for the BLS degree?

A minimum of 30 resident credits at University of Mary Washington is required. Students must have at least half their major credits satisfied by UMW courses, or 15 resident (UMW) credits in the Leadership and Management major, traditional major, or approved special major.

  1. When is the earliest that I may register for each academic session?

A: After your initial term here, advance registration appointment dates and times are determined by credits earned toward the degree and are posted on the Registrar’s website during March and October. Only currently enrolled BLS students, and students on approved leave of absence, are eligible for advance registration. If you miss advanced registration, available courses may be limited.

  1. Is the BLS degree program approved for veterans benefits?

A: Yes; The BLS degree program is fully approved for veterans benefits.

Prospective BLS students who have questions about veterans benefits prior to admission to UMW should contact the Veterans Inquiry Unit at 1-888-442-4551, a toll-free number, or consult the V.A. website.

Students admitted to the BLS degree program should address inquiries and requests for veterans benefits to Patricia Sarkuti, Transfer Credit Coordinator, Office of the Registrar, phone: 654-1063, e-mail: for the various required V. A. forms.