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Light Works Exhibition

All But Ordinary





Alumna Published in Renaissance Quarterly


Photo shows woman standing in front of red wall with circular, gold-framed piece of art hanging behind her

Alumna Emily Lovins Fenichel standing in front of Michelangelo, Doni Tondo, 1504-06 (Florence, Uffizi)


Emily Lovins Fenichel ’06 has published “Michelangelo’s Pietà as Tomb Monument: Patronage, Liturgy, and Mourning.” The article appears in the current issue of the Renaissance Quarterly, vol. 70 (2017): 862-96. This is an outstanding accomplishment…and a very interesting article. Who said there’s nothing new to learn about Michelangelo?







Image show's famous sculpture by Michelangelo of Jesus laying in Mary's lap.

Michelangelo, Pietà, 1498-99 (Vatican, St. Peter’s Basilica)



About her work, Emily writes: In focusing on Michelangelo’s signature, recent scholarship on his Pietà has separated his sculpture fro its spiritual intent. In contrast, this article will consider how the sculpture group spoke to its original religious context, principally as the funerary monument of Michelangelo’spowerful French patron, Cardinal Lagraulas. The Rome Pietà was an important part of the funeral rites for the cardinal that mirrors and amplifies the liturgy surrounding death, particularly the hour of vespers. Reconstructing the sculpture’s relationship to its liturgical and funerary ensemble will highlight Michelangelo’s iconographic and artistic ingenuity in the service of religion and his patron.”





Fox 5 News College Tour


Image shows students sketching while news anchors interview UMW professor

On October 20, 2017 Fox 5 News came to UMW for their “College Campus Tour” segment. They interviewed Studio Art Professor, Rosemary Jesionowski, about the different opportunities the Arts programs on campus have to offer. Students were featured sketching a horse provided by the Equestrian Team to showcase the collaborative nature of UMW’s campus programs. Check out the “Campus Sketching” segment on Fox 5’s site!



Faculty Exhibition


Image shows 9 circles with different pieces of art in each

All of our Studio Art faculty displayed their work in duPont Gallery from September 7th through October 13th. The show featured art from Deb Balestreri, Carole Garmon, Larry Hinkle, Rosemary Jesionowski, Ashe Laughlin, Jon McMillan, Chris Musina, Jason Robinson, and Sarah Spencer White.











 Pulped Under Pressure Exhibition


Image shows two green circles overlapping with a black turtle in the right one

Marilyn Propp, Ghost Divers, relief print on handmade cotton paper with pulp painting, 2014

Pulped Under Pressure was on display in Ridderhof Martin Gallery from September 7th through October 13th.
“With traditional hand papermaking at its core, Pulped Under Pressure underscores important contemporary issues steeped in history and craft.  Enticed through touch, these works encourage a contemplative slowing down even as they urge acknowledgement of some of the most pressing issues (environmental crisis to global marginalization) facing civilization today. Each of the artists, Jillian Bruschera, Julia Goodman, Reni Gower, Trisha Martin, Melissa Potter, Marilyn Propp, and Maggie Puckett, starts simply with a foundation of pulp made from natural fibers.  Their multifaceted results incorporate a rich range of printmaking, letterpress, papercutting, and installation.” -Reni Gower and Melissa Potter





Painting shows Romulus and Remus and the wolf with a piece of pizza over its face

Painting by Chris Musina

Assistant Professor, Chris Musina, had work on display in CURRENT Art Fair with Ada Gallery in Richmond September 28th-October 1st. In the fall of 2015, several local gallery owners and directors, from 1708 Gallery, ADA gallery, Candela Books + Gallery, Glave Kocen Gallery, Page Bond Gallery, Quirk Gallery, and Reynolds Gallery, joined together to establish Richmond’s first contemporary art fair. Coined CURRENT (a nod to the nearby James River, the idea of the new, and the notion of an electric spark), the fair is held yearly in the fall. CURRENT emphasizes accessible opportunities to collect art and features works from local, national and internationally recognized artists. CURRENT presents art for collectors of all levels, from new to seasoned, and features special access to many of the areas gallerists and curators.



Dr. Och Travels to Rome


Image shows the Madonna with red hair and a red and blue robe

Anonymous, Madonna of Charity, 1510s, detail of Vittoria Colonna (Ischia)

Dr. Marjorie Och spent the summer of 2017 in Rome. She was a Visiting Faculty Fellow at the Rome campus of Richmond, The American International University in London; her work was also supported by a grant from UMW’s Wendy Shadwell ’63 Program Endowment. Dr. Och continued her research on Vittoria Colonna, the Roman poet and friend of Michelangelo.











Students Create Mural for Cycle Studio


Image shows student painting a wall with drawings of buildings around Fredericksburg

Photo Credit: Hilary Kanter

Over the summer Assistant Professor, Chris Musina, and his ARTS 105 students collaborated with Campus Recreation to create a mural for the Cycle Studio. Students spent a week drawing and painting buildings, symbols, and quotes that represent UMW and the surrounding Fredericksburg community. Stop by the Cycle Studio in the Fitness Center to see the colorful display!







Faculty Attend Summer Institute


Image shows group of people standing in front of a tree in matching white t-shirts

Photo Credit: Emma Anderson, COPLAC

This past June, the University of Mary Washington was very well represented at the Council of Public Liberal Arts Colleges (COPLAC) Summer Institute for faculty.  The Institute, which this summer targeted faculty at departments of art, art history, and graphic design, was proposed by Carole Garmon and Julia DeLancey (then at Truman State University) and developed by those two faculty together with staff at the COPLAC national office.  The Institute brought together close to forty faculty from institutions around the country and met on the campus of the University of North Carolina-Asheville, a COPLAC member.  In addition to Profs. Garmon and DeLancey, the group also included UMW Art & Art History faculty Rosemary Jesionowski, Chris Musina, and Jason Robinson.  The Institute gave participants a chance to discuss issues relevant to their work in arts and humanities education, develop strong working relationships across COPLAC campuses, and to determine goals and best practices in their area which were shared with the COPLAC Board at their July meeting.  To read the perspective of an Institute participant, please click here.